"I'm a nutritionist and keeping my routine as wholesome and natural as possible is super important to me.  I'm in LOVE with how natural ECHO VIE products are!  And the products really work... my skin looks younger and healthier after using ECHO VIE.  Thank You!" -Dawn Jackson Blatner, Registered Dietician/Author Chicago, IL


"I thought I would miss using my lotion and creams; I thought oil would leave my skin greasy and heavy; I was wrong!  I love how ECHO VIE's face oil soaks into my skin... more than that I love how my skin is feeling and looking!  It no longer looks old and dry!  Thanks for saving my skin!" -Kate, Model, New York, NY


"I always thought that my skin was fine - I don't have acne, my skin isn't particularly dry or oily. Therefore, my skincare routine was also just fine. I then started using the magic detox mist with the face oil every evening and oh my GOODNESS. My skin is no longer fine - it is amazing! My skin is soft, nourished, and I even see a glow to it. I am so grateful for this new found love for my skin and my nighttime routine!" -Julie, Photographer, Chicago, IL


"I literally fly once a week for work and my skin suffers... it becomes super dry and breaks out.  I now fly with the Magic Detox Mist and spritz my face and neck, use two pumps of Face Oil #1 Lemon Clove, and a little Tinted Lip Balm before we take off.  It has saved the texture of my skin and lips, and I no longer show up for jobs looking tired and ragged.  In love with all the products!" -Melanie, Model, Los Angeles, CA


"ECHO VIE has become a staple and a must have for my beauty routine.  Knowing exactly what I'm putting on my skin and hair is major to me, and with ECHO VIE there are no mysteries.  I also love that it's multipurpose, so I can travel with it and have something for my hair, body, and face all in ONE bottle!  It's easy, natural, and it works!  Plus my husband loves it too!" -Shelby, Model, New York, NY


"ECHO VIE changed my life!  I have very sensitive, acne prone skin that tends to get ruddy.  I've been using ECHO VIE for the last six months and my skin has never looked better!  I have the tendency to also get flaky and dehydrated in the colder months, so I use Face Oil #2 Sandalwood.  It makes my skin baby soft and glowing without it being too oily.  The smell is subltle and relaxing without being overpowering... and the packaging is studding!  In the summer I use the Detox spray which gives me just enough hydration and the subltle green tint cuts down on the redness (the green does not show on anyone, just an FYI)  The spray has mint in it so it is so refreshing any time you need a little refresher.  Since I've learned about ECHO VIE, I've incorporated all the products into my makeup kit and my clients love it as much as I do!" -Kasha, Makeup Artist, Chicago, IL


"I can't say enough good things about ECHO VIE skincare.  I love that it is handcrafted.  I love that it is all natural.  I love that the face oil is multi-purpose.  But mostly I just love that these products do their job and they do it well!  My skin has never looked better.  ECHO VIE is now a permanent fixture in my skincare lineup!" -Karen, Mom, Chicago, IL


 "ECHO VIE is the only product I use on my face.  It works so well on my sensitive skin and keeps me glowing throughout the day!" -Alexandra, Fashion Stylist, Chicago, IL