About echo vie

Echo Vie means a reflection of life.  Like sounds that echo, what you put out there is what returns to you in your life; the second part "vie" is the French word for life.  Echo Vie skincare is natural and nontoxic skincare--free of parabens and chemicals.  Makeup Artist Susie Lee created Echo Vie after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her experience challenged her to become conscious and aware of what she put on her body and into her body.  While she was researching and looking for products on the market, she became frustrated with the lack of choices, and Echo Vie was born:

When I became pregnant, I started concocting batches of organic moisturizing oils and elixirs for my growing and stretching body. I wanted something that was natural, very effective and healing for my skin. At 6 months pregnant, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and then a relapse 1½ years later. When I was diagnosed my second time with Breast Cancer, I decided to make a complete shift and put my recovery and healing into my own hands. I drastically changed my eating habits, incorporated more physical activity and cleaned out my bathroom of all toxic products. It all helped to make my recovery quicker. What I learned was that every little thing helps. You do not need to do a complete overhaul of your life, but if you make tiny changes, you’ll feel different, better. The Organic Oil helped my body to heal after toxic chemical infusions that made a mess of my skin and body, while the scent soothed and lifted my spirit.

I created echo vie products to heal my skin. As soon as I was healthy I knew I wanted to share my products with others-- products with natural and organic ingredients that are effective, nourishing and healing. Wellness doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your life with different products and new foods. Wellness can mean shifting one small habit. You can substitute water for soda, regular moisturizer for one that is organic; just one small switch to make a giant difference towards wellness and good health. Here’s to wellness and healthy choices!