Imagine how you would change your lifestyle if you were diagnosed with cancer; now imagine being pregnant and diagnosed with cancer. Would you change the way you ate? Would you change what you put on your skin? Susie Lee, the founder of ECHO VIE, became more aware of her own health and wellness through her challenging ordeal with breast cancer, treatment, and a newborn baby.

     Learning about toxins and chemicals in foods and personal care products taught her to be more conscious with her choices. It was during this time, that she created products that were gentle and effective, without harsh chemicals, for her own skin needs.

     The formulations that were trusted for her own skincare and her family's, are the same luxurious products she now creates with love for others. ECHO VIE skincare products are hand crafted and poured in small batches from a blend of quality natural and organic ingredients; each product is created with careful attention to detail, using ingredients that are specifically chosen to promote healthy, nourished skin. Love your skin with ECHO VIE.

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